Type of Edge Finishes

Edge finishes:

The method used to attach the material to the metallic structure. All lampshades have edge finishing; it’s just a matter of determining what type.

Fabric ribbon:

Used to attach the lampshade material to the metallic structure. This is done by hand. It can also serve as a finish.

Self trim:

Tape made from the same fabric as that used on the lampshade.

Self-taping fabric:

Self-taping fabric is used to attach the lampshade material to the metallic part using a flanging machine/edging machine. Used only on round lampshades of 3” to 24” in diameter.

Rolled edges:

Edge finishing that consists of rolling the fabric on the lampshade around the metal part.

Type of fabric or tissue

Hardback fabric

The fabric is laminated onto a rigid backing. The backing, made of plastic or cardboard, gives rigidity to the fabric and allows the lampshade to be assembled on metal frames without vertical supports. This type of material generally leads to faster assembly than that of softback fabric.

Softback fabric

The fabric is formed after being applied onto the metal frame. When the fabric is attached to the metal frame, it comes under tension and thus takes its particular form. 


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